Peanuts Boiled, I’m Buck

If you know me, you know that I love boiled peanuts. My father used to stop on our trips to Florida for a few bags of the delicious salty treats every year. I have been obsessed ever since. Every road trip I have ever taken in my adult life, I have stopped for them, at road side shacks, some serving up moonshine under the table, or even the gas station variety, if nothing else is available. After all of these years, I have found my favorite boiled peanut man. This is Buck. He is located on the side of 431 South, a barren stretch of highway in Alabama. He lives in a trailer right next to the shack where he creates his cajun and regular boiled peanuts. He will wave you right on in, tell you to try a few first, and to make sure and sign his book, where all of the satisfied travelers have left there mark. His handwritten signs are telling of the kind of man he is, and a reminder of the simple life, and his love for people and peanuts. Next time you’re driving to the beach, make sure you look for his sign, you won’t be disappointed.

Hannah Fierman

Hannah is an actor and visual artist, my longtime friend, and muse. She is always up for dressing up, traipsing through the woods, and climbing waterfalls, that’s just what we consider a good time. We had some free time and decided to play at Cascade Springs Nature Preserve.

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